EX-BFFs Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe Tear Into Each Other Over an iPhone

February 21, 2018

The once-budding “womance” between Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe has suffered further irreparable damage following the duo’s latest tiff.

The two East African socialites are back at it again, this time over an iPhone X.

The start of their beef dates back to 2016 after they had formed a formidable relationship as hosts of some of the biggest parties in town. Their break up proved inevitable in August 2016 when Zari invited Huddah’s longstanding “enemy” Vera Sidika to her daughter Tiffah’s birthday.

It is believed Huddah did not take too kindly to being snubbed for Vera and she has since held beef with Zari. Huddah even went the extra mile and once claimed that Diamond was public property owing to his cheating ways.

And when Diamond finally admitted to cheating, Huddah’s claims were vindicated and she has since been mocking Zari for her misfortune.

A few days ago, the Kenyan beauty revived the beef as she took a swipe at Zari for flaunting an iPhone X.

“Funny how people buy iPhone X after it came out long ago and social media can’t sleep. Some of [have] been using iPhone X from the first day it came out and we don’t flanut these small things [because] we [are] used to it. Act like a Boss! Tumia pesa ikuzoee,” Huddah wrote on Snapchat.

And as expected, Zari returned the favour and she did not mince her words. She alluded that Huddah is a weed-smoking prostitute who hawks her assets to Nigerian singers.

“Why don’t you carry on smoking your weed in silence and hawking your crab infested goods to Wizkid and Jhus. Everything is gravy over here.”


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