“Diamond Can’t Offer Zari What I Can,” Ringtone Offers to Marry Zari

February 20, 2018

Following the shock break up between East Africa’s former it couple of Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan, suitors for the Ugandan beauty have started expressing their interests.

One of these suitors happens to Kenyan gospel musician Alex Apoko otherwise known as Ringtone. The often controversial musician, who enjoys any kind of publicity to remain relevant, now wants to marry the mother of five.

Taking to his social media pages, the singer revealed that Diamond Platnumz is incapable of offering what he can.

He says Zari needs a man who will lead her to church and to Christ.

“Zari Hassan needs a man to lead her to church and to Christ. Diamond can’t offer such.Naomba namba yake Zari. inbox me asap if you have it. MWANAMME NI YULE ANAJUA YESU NA MALI ANAYO NA WAKO WENGI HAPA KENYA. By the way, wakisii hawananga shida bibi akija na watoto,” wrote Ringtone.

He reiterated his intentions while speaking to a local daily pullout saying Zari would be ideal because of her many children.

“I am serious about wanting to marry Zari and bringing her closer to God. In fact, I want to marry a woman with as many children as Zari since I don’t want us to start from zero,” Ringtone told MondayBlues.

The confession comes just months after Ringtone professed her crush for Tanzania’s Ray C. The songbird, however, turned down his advances.


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