Fred Omondi Denies Defaulting on Sh5850 Alcohol Bill, Accuses Waitress of Targeting Eric Omondi Too

January 17, 2018

We are not sure if its a case of ‘Njaanuary’ hitting hard or just another Fred Omondi controversy. For years now, the comedian has been courting controversy and has earned the tag “serial bill defaulter.”

His latest controversy involves allegedly defaulting on an alcohol bill amounting to Sh5850.

According to his accuser, a waitress at the Blend lounge on Mombasa road, the younger brother to Eric Omondi left the lounge without settling the bill, leaving her in a precarious situation wuth her employer.

“I am writing this while very annoyed with this celebrity called Fred Omondi. He is on the run with a pending bill he accrued yesterday night (Sunday) at the Blend Lounge on Mombasa road. I looked for his number and called him, but my phone calls to him were not going through because his mobile phone line was offline. I am now forced to settle the bill – Ksh5, 850 – from my salary,” Mary posted on Facebook on Monday, January 15.

Along with the claims, the waitress, identified as Mary Sorty, shared a receipt of the bill and photos she took with the comedian that same night.

Responding to the allegations, Fred Omondi has dismissed Mary Sorty as a publicity-seeker.

“I am shocked by the statement she (Mary) has made on Facebook. The pictures she has posted online were taken when she had requested for selfies with me,” said Fred Omondi.

Explaining what exactly happened, Fred Omondi said the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label was to be paid for by the party host.

“There’s a lady friend of mine called Lisa Kiki, who threw a white party at the Blend Lounge on Sunday evening. He had requested me to emcee at the bash, and because she is my good friend, I decided to emcee at the event without demanding any pay,” said Omondi.

“Ms Kiki had offered to buy me Hennessy whiskey, but I instead, opted for Johnnie Walker Black Label. Nairobi businessman Gor Semelang’o was among those who turned up for the party. He bought over 50 bottles of Hennessy whiskey. We took enough liquor.”

“So, when I was leaving, I informed Mary, who is a waitress at the entertainment joint, that the party host, Lisa Kiki, will pay for the bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label which I had downed earlier before Mr Semelang’o bought us a round of drinks.

“Lisa Kiki confirmed to Mary that she was the one to foot the bill.”

Fred Omondi further accused the waitress of pulling the same stunt on his brother Eric Omondi.

“I think this lady, Mary, is out to seek publicity. There was a time she’d dragged my brother Eric Omondi’s name to some controversy. There’s even an online user, who observed that she is out for the Omondi brothers. Mary ako na u-star mob. I have already spoken to Blend owner and he said he will settle the matter,” said Omondi.

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