Ringtone: “Where I Got Sh200 Million To Buy a Chopper”

January 17, 2018

Well, it appears gospel musician Ringtone is still his usual self in this new year. The controversial hitmaker, who is known for making audacious claims about his wealth, is at it again. This time, he plans to purchase a helicopter.

Five days ago, he took to his Instagram page to ask his followers about a Eurocopter model he has been eyeing.

Should l buy this?????? What do you guys this of this Eurocoptor

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While some of his followers brushed his “impossible” plans aside, it appears the ‘Tenda Wema’ is dead serious about it.

He claims he has set aside a cool Sh 200 million to make his dream come true.

“I have set aside Ksh200 million for the acquisition of a used chopper. Though, if I can get one which goes for Ksh150 million and it is in good condition, I wouldn’t mind going for it,” Ringtone told eDaily.

“Besides my personal use, I will hire it out to willing people, who can afford it for few hours,” added Ringtone.

When asked where he raised the money, Ringtone was coy with the full details saying he got it from his businesses.

“My businesses helped me raise the Ksh200 million.”

“This country has a very conducive environment for one to do business. So, I am one of those people doing business in this country. I am not an idle musician; I am an entrepreneur, who engages in several trades. I won’t disclose details about my businesses. When one does something good with his life, God blesses the work of his hands. I am blessed. Watu waache wivu. And you cannot judge a book by its cover. Just because I walk around the streets of Nairobi, it doesn’t mean you know the amount of money stored in my bank account. It is only God who knows my worth. I have many businesses not registered under my name; I won’t reveal their nature,” he said.

“Watu waache kujudge wengine kwa kuangalia sura na miaka,” added Ringtone.

The gospel musician, who once claimed that he is the richest musician in the country, said he has already been approached by two people who wish to sell their helicopters to him.

“So far, two foreigners willing to sell their helicopters have approached me. Though, I am still looking around for cheaper options. If I can get one going for very little amount of money, I will be happy,” he said.

Ringtone also noted that he is aware of all the requirements from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority that would allow his to own and operate the Copter.

“When I decided that I needed a chopper, I was aware of the required documents, which would allow me to legally own and operate the copter. I am following due process in the acquisition. Hopefully, I will buy one which is locally registered so that I don’t go through a long and winding registration process. As soon as I get one, I will alert my fans,” he said.

We will be watching quite closely for any developments.

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