PHOTOS – Uhuru Tours New Kenyatta Market with Nairobi Governor Elect Sonko

August 18, 2017

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday took his first tour in the streets of Nairobi since he was declared the winner of the presidential polls.

The head of state toured the New Kenyatta Market alongside Governor Elect Mike Sonko and other elected Nairobi leaders.

The tour was Uhuru’s first public appearance on ground level since he was declared president in an election which has been disputed by NASA.

Uhuru urged Kenyans to maintain peace and coexist together as citizens of one nation to enable faster development and improved quality of life.

“ Leave us to sort our issues as leaders. Politics should not make you fight. When this market burns down it will not affect one community but all of you,” said the President.

“I have seen all Kenyans doing business here. In this market, there are Kambas, Merus, Luos, Kikuyus and all Kenyan communities. Please continue living together peacefully. Be your brother’s keeper,” he added.

“I thank you for voting my friend Sonko, I have asked him to ensure he changes the image of this city. He will sink a bore hole here to ensure constant water services to the traders of this market,” said President Kenyatta.

Uhuru and Sonko interacted with traders at the market, with Sonko pledging to make the market a more conducive environment for conducting business.

He also promised to deliver faster and improved services to Nairobi residents saying once sworn in he will start reducing license fees for small-scale traders.

The former Senator, in a few short days since he was declared the winner, has already embarked on a massive clean up exercise of the city.

A day after launching the cleaning up exercise, traders at Wakulima Market are already enjoying Sonko’s great work.

He promised to lay cabro paving blocks, litter bins every 30 metres, install street lights and collect garbage on a daily basis.

Photos of the tour

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