“I Don’t Care What People Say,” Ex-Machachari Actor ‘Almasi’ Fires Back

August 14, 2017

Ian Munene, best known as ‘Almasi’ from his role on  ‘Machachari’, has been a hot topic in the internet circles for weeks now.

The actor and model has been receiving stick for his unconventional fashion sense leading to speculation about his sexuality.

Munene, who is a marketing student at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, has fired back at his critics and trolls.

He defended his controversial pictures saying: “My photos have meanings.”

“I feel like with every picture I post on social media, I want to create an emotion and I have my own reasons for it regardless. Me putting on a flower is like it’s like a liberation of art. We are getting to a place where expressions vary and you can use any form of expression that you want as an individual. So that was just me and I worked with really good photographers to see the different aesthetics I can do,” Munene told Word Is.

He added: “People are quick to judge and the fact that I don’t respond, they will say anything. I don’t feel like I am entitled to talk about my personal life with anyone, so whatever people say, I just allow it. Because at the end of the day, they will judge me regardless. Even if I correct them and tell them who I am, it’s not going to change anything. People I work with know who I am. I don’t care what the rest say.”

Munene also explained that the photos of him allegedly smoking marijuana were from a photo shoot.

“We were invited to an event to make it have a particular look. People were quick to judge, thinking that’s my lifestyle. That’s not my lifestyle, I do my own things the way I like. What people said or saw doesn’t define my life!”


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