Akothee and her Sickly Grandpa Win Hearts with Incredible Acts of Love for Each Other (PHOTOS)

August 11, 2017

Show me a wonderwoman and I’ll show you Akothee. The popular singer serves as an inspiration to many Kenyan women and she has done it once again.

A few days ago, she and her three daughters won the internet when they got down to house chores at Akothee’s palatial mansion in Rongo.

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Yesterday, the ‘Baby Daddy’ singer was winning the internet with her grandfather, James Ogendi. The two won hearts with incredible acts of love for each other when Mr Ogendi visited Akothee.

According to Akothee, her ailing grandpa beat all odds to check up on her when she didn’t visit him for two days.

“You dont know what this means to me. My grandpa has been very sick, but when he dint see me in his house for two days he suspected all was not well. When he realised I wasnt feeling well, as tired as he is, he grabbed a pikipiki and suprised me at home,” wrote Akothee.

On her part, Akothee who has been nursing a foot injury returned the favor in kind. She fed him and later treated him to a foot rub and pedicure that put him straight to sleep.

???he fell asleep , I know the feeling

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The pics:

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