The old adage that a fool and his money are soon departed is relevant now more than ever. On several occasions, we have warned Kenyans about this thing called ‘Public Likes’. It is a pyramid scheme, plain and simple, and we’ve given enough reasons to support this conclusion

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But why are Kenyans joining by the droves? Well, its because of the promise of easy money, and ‘evidence’ that they actually pay out. Don’t be fooled, sitting down for 10 minutes to skip adverts does not amount to working.

The idea of making money on the internet has always captured the imagination of many young people, especially in Kenya where formal jobs are scarce. We have lots of examples of people who made fortunes on the internet. Many dollar billionaires made their cash in tech – the likes of Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Evan Spiegel, Elon Musk, Reed Hastings etc.

These examples motivate young people, but the point is missed. All these billionaires have something in common. They developed a useful product. Bezos – Amazon, Zuckerberg – Facebook, Page – Google, Musk – Paypal, Spiegel – Snapchat, Hastings – Netflix etc.

None, and I mean ZERO, made their money viewing and skipping fake adverts. And if you do proper research, you’ll find that everyone who has made decent money on the internet did so providing logical stuff. Whether it’s videos on YouTube, blogging, selling on Amazon etc. And if I may add, scamming. So, there’s some truth in that Public Likes will make someone a millionaire, but not the thousands of users. Only the owner will laugh to the bank.

As you continue to spread those affiliate links to your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and friends, remember the day it will all come crumbling down, they will remember the person who introduced them.

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But even as more join, the signs of the end are starting to reveal themselves.

1. Apparently, now you have to renew your subscription after 60 days, down from 1 year. In short, they are forcing you to ‘re-invest’ your money for you to continue enjoying their services.

2. There are also the never ending complaints that withdrawals are taking too long. There is a lot of uncertainty as to whether the money will even arrive. One day people will wait forever.

3. Logging into your account is now a game of luck. Most of the time you are met with errors.

4. Public likes changed its policies threatening to ban anyone who says it’s a scam.. really. Too bad for them I’m not a member.

5. Facebook has banned sharing of Public Likes links. The largest social media company knows this is a scam. They’ve flagged all outgoing links as ‘malicious’. When you try to click a public likes link on Facebook, this is the message you encounter.

But even with all this information, people continue to shower the scam with praises, posting raving reviews on Facebook.

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Here’s one I picked up from their Facebook page. We’ll not post the author’s name in case he sees the light in future.



If You Don’t meet the following don’t bother with Public Likes or any of their members.

1) You have no idea how Public Likes works and why you’re paid to watch adverts, and you better listen to bloggers than do your own research. The only idea you have is ‘its a scam’ Quit. We are paid because they’re paid by advertisers willing to generate traffic in their websites. FYI the more traffic a website gets the higher it is ranked in search engine results, and the more it’s visited by willing clients.

2) You are not willing to take risks. That’s if you are cheap enough to say investing 4500 is taking a risk. What decent person is afraid of putting somewhere 4500? You will never take a decent loan and invest with that kind of fear. Keep off please. Of course I’m not talking about someone who honestly can’t afford the money.

3) You are not Patient. If you want quick money please sell drugs. PL needs patient people. You put your money in, and do the tasks, you will earn your money plus lots of profits. Some novice creeps once they see error 403 or whatever errors, they lose their minds. Be patient it has happened because of maintenance or internet issues. It happens all the time. And it recovers all the time.

4) You think Public Likes is a job. Please get a job. Get out of here. PL is only ment to supplement your income or if in college, your pocket money. You should NOT quit your job for PL. You may make it a way of saving money and watching your money grow.

5) You keep panic at your fingertips. Oh please if you read blogs saying its a scam, you panic and keep sharing the same, leave PL.


If I were to briefly dissect his argument point by point.

1. SEO experts agree that a higher website traffic does not affect your ranking on search engines. And even if it did, there are much cheaper ways to acquire traffic. Legitimate, relevant traffic on Google or Facebook may actually cost less than the Sh10 Public Likes is pretending to have been paid.

2. Sh4500 is not a lot of money to risk in an ‘investment’. But it may point to a future habit of putting in money in shady ‘investments’. Next time perhaps Sh100,000 will not be a lot to you. Truly, a fool and his money are soon departed.

3. I totally disagree. I think a lot more hard work and patience goes into selling drugs than given credit. And if I may, Public Likes is the exact definition of get rich quick scheme. And by the way its not normal for websites to display 403 errors day in day out.

4. I agree. You should not quit your job if you have one. But you should definitely quit Public Likes.

5. For a blog to publish that its a scam, there was probably some research that went into it. So I think you who is not reading them are the fool here.

In conclusion, 99% of these so called ‘PTC’ (Paid to Click) sites are scam. Advertising simply does not work like that. Especially not when you’re being paid Sh10 to click skip.