It’s happening.. Everybody stay calm. Kenyans are about to lose their money BIG.

We told you about the pyramid scheme called Public Likes that is gaining new followers every day.

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Briefly, Public Likes is paying people to view ads. In the free package, it will take you 50 days to get your first payout of Sh2500.

You can however upgrade your account for Sh4500, 14,000 of Sh90,000 to increase your daily payout.

It is a scam identical to the SocialTrade scam in India that saw more than 7 million people lose about $500 million. In India’s case however, the owners are in jail serving their term.

In this Public Likes, people are getting paid… for now.

The primary motive is to lure in more people and once a critical point is reached, the owners of Public Likes will shut down. Most of those who had upgraded their accounts will lose money.

Early adopters are rejoicing now saying that they’ve already recouped their ‘investment’ even if it were to collapse, but understand that many people will lose money eventually.

It’s common sense. There will only be one winner, and I have a gut feeling it will not be thousands of Kenyans.

Like every pyramid scheme, Public Likes will pay the first 5 people, then steal from the other 95.

But that is not stopping Kenyans from spreading the message. This video of a man explaining to a packed Thika-bound matatu how it works has been doing rounds on Twitter.

God help us.