The Day Biwott was Slapped So Hard He Flew from His Chair

July 13, 2017

Nicholas Biwott was at some point regarded as the second most powerful man in Kenya. Despite his closeness to President Moi and his very public life, he had a very mysterious private life.

By the time of his death this week, not many Kenyans can recall the height of his power. Indeed, many 90s kids only hear stories.

But perhaps the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard about ‘Total Man’ is one told by a man by the name Collins on Facebook. He seems to have Kenya’s history on his palm, and this particular ones about Biwott are very interesting.

As you will learn, the mystery man announced his arrival to public life in a very peculiar manner. First victim, Charles Njonjo.

Here’s a screenshot of Collin’s post.

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