The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday July 27)

July 27, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines from select sources.

9.6 Million: The Number of Kenyans Who Watched Raila Debate Alone.. Largest Audience Ever

Geopoll has released figures showing that Monday night’s presidential debate was one of the most viewed events in Kenya’s TV history. According to the stats, at least 9.64 million people tuned in at the debate’s peak, which happened between 8:00 and 8:30 pm. Ironically, this was the time there wa

VIDEO Tour of Raila’s Luxurious Karen House That Rivals State House

Raila Odinga may have eyed State House for years, but its probably not the house itself that he’s interested in.

Uhuru: ”Media Had Set a Trap for Me, I Refused to Fall for It”

President Uhuru Kenyatta may have failed to turn up for the debate on Monday, but like most Kenyans, he did sit down through the entire session watching Raila take questions alone. Campaigning in parts of Central Kenya yesterday, Uhuru had some observations to make about the 90 minute prime time

Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people

The decision reversed a policy initially approved by the Defense Department under President Barack Obama, which was still under final review, that would allow transgender individuals to openly serve in the military. Defense Secretary James Mattis announced last month that he was delaying enactment of the plan to begin allowing transgender individuals to join the US military.

Rolling Stone tweaks Trump with Trudeau cover

That’s the question Rolling Stone magazine is asking with its new cover story featuring Justin Trudeau. The publication tweeted out the cover photo of Canada’s prime minister on Wednesday and posted a link to the feature story written by Stephen Rodrick. The tweeted photo comes with the queston: “Why can’t he be our president?”

Wildfires hit French Riviera, thousands evacuated

More than 10,000 residents and tourists were moved after a forest fire started near the coastal commune of Bormes-les-Mimosas, around 40 km (nearly 25 miles) from Toulon, one of the country’s southernmost towns. Sunbathers lounging on a beach near Saint-Tropez looked on as a wildfire raged nearby.

Tillerson takes time off as State Dept. refuses to say he is happy in his role

Tillerson is also taking time off at a time when the US faces multiple foreign policy challenges. Nauert dodged a question about Tillerson’s feelings over the White House’s involvement in foreign policy decisions. “The Secretary, as do all other Cabinet officials, meets with the President and the President’s national security advisers and Cabinet members.

Sperm counts of Western men plummeting, analysis finds

Among these men there has been a 52% decline in sperm concentration and a 59% decline in total sperm count over a nearly 40-year period ending in 2011, the analysis, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, said. Scientists determine sperm count by looking at a sample of ejaculate under a microscope.

Djokovic to miss rest of 2017 season due to injury

His decision means he will miss the first major tournament of his career — next month’s US Open, which starts at Flushing Meadows on August 28. The world No. 4, who won the US Open in 2011 and 2015, hasn’t trained since his shock withdrawal from the Wimbledon quarterfinals.

Britain bans gasoline and diesel cars starting in 2040

The decision to phase out the internal combustion engine heralds a new era of low-emission technologies with major implications for the auto industry, society and the environment. “We can’t carry on with diesel and petrol cars,” U.K. environment secretary Michael Gove told the BBC on Wednesday. “There is no alternative to embracing new technology.”

Trump Humiliates Everyone, Including John McCain

WASHINGTON ― At his Arizona ranch ― a verdant, canyon-bottom spread near Sedona, watered by a river in an otherwise arid, red-rock landscape ― John McCain kept a bottle of vodka in the freezer of the fridge.

Michelle Obama Addresses Racist Attacks She Endured As First Lady

Michelle Obama has opened up in front of a crowd of about 8,500 at the Women’s Foundation of Colorado’s 30th anniversary event in Denver about her experience as America’s first black first lady.

Yeah! Usher’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Is Pure ‘OMG’

The singer-songwriter rode shotgun with “Late Late Show” host James Corden in footage that aired Tuesday, but he wasn’t given an easy ride. In between belting out some of his classic hits, the duo temporarily stepped out of the vehicle for an amusing dance lesson. But they didn’t stop there.

This Is Where The Healthiest People In The World Go On Vacation

Norwegians consistently rank among the healthiest people in the world. Their eating habits are ideal, and they’re officially the globe’s happiest folk, according to a United Nations report from this year. On top of that, Norway’s residents care about their own wellbeing more than other populations care about wellbeing.

Obama Administration Officials Respond To Trump’s Ban On Transgender Military Members

Officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration responded to President Donald Trump’s announcement Wednesday that transgender people would not be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted Wednesday morning that “every patriotic American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to serve,” apparently in reference to Trump’s announcement.

U.S. Energy Secretary Duped Into Fake Interview With Russian Comedians

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry optimistically discussed expanding American coal exports to Ukraine and other energy matters during a lengthy phone call this month with a Russian prankster who Perry thought was Ukraine’s prime minister.

Trump Says White House Staffers ‘Fighting Over Who Loves Me The Most’

President Donald Trump characterized months of reported infighting within his administration as a battle between staffers competing for his affection in an interview published Tuesday in The Wall Street Journal.

Senate Republicans Just Killed One Of Their Senate Health Care Plans

The first Senate proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare was defeated by an unexpected, wide margin Tuesday evening. Nine Republicans opposed the plan, which was a combination of Senate leadership’s most recent replacement bill plus amendments from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.

UK Officials Have Privately Told Senior Bankers The Brexit Divorce Bill Will Be Close To £50 Billion

Britain’s final “divorce” bill for leaving the European Union could be as high as £50 billion, several current and former senior government officials have told City executives.

Coke Zero Is Gone. Welcome Coke Zero Sugar

In the latest sign that sugar is the new tobacco, Coca-Cola is relaunching Coke Zero as Coke “Zero Sugar” in the US, refining its message about the zero-calorie soda. While the brand is now “Zero Sugar,” the words “zero calorie cola” also appear on the bottom of the bottle, reflecting consumers’ focus shifting from cutting calories alone to reducing sugar intake.

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