VIDEO Tour of Raila’s Luxurious Karen House That Rivals State House

July 26, 2017

Raila Odinga may have eyed State House for years, but its probably not the house itself that he’s interested in. In a video ‘tour’ of his house, shot during his Monday morning interview with Radio Jambo, it’s clear that Raila already enjoys what is arguably a more ‘homely’ house than the one on the hill.

State House comes with power, but no president apart from Kibaki has ever made it his home. Mzee Kenyatta commuted to Gatundu. Uhuru lives next door and only moved into State House due to renovations at his own house. Moi lived and still lives in Kabarnet Gardens.

If Raila is to be president, he will probably also decide to stick to his Karen home. From this video, it is hard to imagine Mama Ida choosing the ‘cold’ state house over this.

The house is great with very many oversized rooms, but it’s understandable knowing the size of delegations regularly hosted here. The compound is huge and understanding that this is Karen, we don’t want to even start speculating how much was the cost of land alone.

This video is also a great reminder that when we throw stones and hurt others in the name of politicians, and then retire to our bedsitters, we are the fools in this story.

Watch that ‘tour’ above.

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