Uhuru: ”Media Had Set a Trap for Me, I Refused to Fall for It”

July 26, 2017

President Uhuru Kenyatta may have failed to turn up for the debate on Monday, but like most Kenyans, he did sit down through the entire session watching Raila take questions alone.

Campaigning in parts of Central Kenya yesterday, Uhuru had some observations to make about the 90 minute prime time exercise. It appears he wasn’t impressed.

Uhuru said that if Raila was indeed a person who can perform, he wouldn’t have spent 5 years arguing and demanding consultations with Kibaki.

”Instead of fights and noise, he should have joined Mzee Kibaki and what we are doing now would have been accomplished then.” Uhuru said. ”All he did was argue and demand ‘consultations.”

Uhuru then laughed off Raila’s claims that as a Prime Minister he was only limited to coordination of government functions, and could therefore not have been involved in the maize scandal.

The president further castigated the media for what he claimed was ‘not supporting him’ and ‘setting a trap for him’.

”You know these newspaper people think they are threatening us.  In 2013 they refused to support me. Even this time round they are not supporting me. I know votes belong to the 45 million Kenyans. I will continue working for them..” he said.

“When he was asked about the remarks in Kajiado, he said he had never uttered those words but the media could not challenge him. If they want videos of what he said, we can give them so they can see it for themselves.” Uhuru said, pointing to this as the reason the whole thing was a trap for him. “That is the reason why I refused to go to…I had foreseen that this was a trap.”

Watch that video below.

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