Grace Msalame Makes Vlogging Debut With Inspirational Message -Watch

July 26, 2017

Celebrated media personality Grace Msalame has turned to vlogging months after leaving Radio Africa Group.

Msalame quit Radio Africa in early May after seven years with the Waiyaki Way-based media company.

She said she would pursue personal projects including ministering and spending more time with her daughters.

The mother of two kick-started one of the projects -vlogging – yesterday when she posted her first video on Youtube.

Titled Quiet the noise and follow your Purpose Passionately’, ¬†Msalame advises her loyal followers to start.

“First Vlog Up. Messy, nervous, afraid… Just start!! I left it as Raw as Raw can be to show you that the beginning is faaaaar from Perfect! So just start imagine & the more you do it- the more you’ll get the hang of it, the more you will become better at it & the more you will learn. So start today! Stop waiting for the noise to quiet down or for that perfect time(it never really comes) but start with what is in your hand.,” said Msalame.

Watch below:

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