Ndugu Nyoro to Take Break from Fundraising for the Needy, Puts Facebook Account Up for Sale

July 26, 2017

Popular Facebook personality, Ndugu Nyoro, will be taking a break from online fundraising for the foreseeable future.

Nyoro, who is behind most of Kenya’s fundraising drives for those in need, made the announcement yesterday during an interview on Kameme FM.

He said he will also be releasing the remaining Sh5 million donated towards the treatment of Gladys Kamande, a lung patient.

“I will leave it to her to have full control of the money because the controversy has gone on for so long. We have agreed that when she is ready we will meet at the bank and transfer the money to her personal account.

Kenyans know I really tried to protect the money they had donated to this case but since some of them also criticized my demanding for accountability, I do not expect them to fault me for anything,” Mr Nyoro said.

Nyoro also invited offers for his Facebook account on Monday evening amid protests from his followers who urged him not to sell.

Nyoro attended the interview together with Ms Kamande who accused her landlord and account signatory, John Kibue, of demanding Sh70, 000 from the account for his campaigns.

He lost in the Mwiki MCA Jubilee Party primaries.

Kibue, who was not in the studio during the interview, later spoke to Nairobi News.

“Gladys came to my flat five years ago when she was blind. I allowed her to live in a one bedroom house for free because she still needed money for her treatment. I organized the first funds drive where we raised Sh1.8 million and that was before Kenyans got to know her case,” said Mr Kibue.

He added: “I was the one who contacted Nyoro to assist Gladys raise money for her treatement. That was when Kenyans supported Gladys and she went to India for treatment and she regained her sight. When she came back she moved to a two bedroom house worth Sh10, 000 where she has been living for seven months. When I went to ask for my rent arrears she started accusing me of wanting part of the donated money. I told her it was only fair that she pays her rent now that she could afford it and because I had a campaign to run but she refused. I have since summoned her family to issue them with a notice to vacate.”

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