Drama as Mr Nice is Robbed of an iPhone and Cash by a Commercial S*x Worker (PHOTOS)

July 28, 2017

For a guy who has been killed by the internet more times than Raila referred to Linus Kaikai as Joe, Tanzania singer Mr Nice is doing a terrible job at keeping his lifestyle choices away from the public eye.

The legendary Bongo singer, born Lucas Mkenda, on Wednesday morning attracted drama to his doorstep when he made a distress call having being robbed by a lady of the night he had hired.

As the story goes, Mr Nice had hired the s*x worker – identified as Happy – on Tuesday night to satisfy his worldly pleasures. A Nice and Happy ending on Tuesday night turned into an ‘unHappy’ Wednesday morning when Mr Nice woke up to find Happy had made away with Tsh230, 000 (Ksh11, 000) and an iPhone.

After breaking down in tears at the guest house in Dar es Salaam, the singer probably asked himself ‘What would Magufuli do?’ Magufuli would probably make sure Happy was brought to book and the stolen money recovered.

Mr Nice did what no self-respecting man would do by screaming at the top of his voice. This attracted a crowd which then launched a manhunt for Happy because Undugu ni kusadiana in Tz.

The residents caught up with Happy in the neighborhood and handed her over to the police. Meanwhile, Mr Nice was still at the lodging causing a scene.

At the Magomeni Police post, Happy was released after claiming that she took the phone because it belonged to her lover. She added that she had asked Mr Nice for the money to buy medicine for her ailing brother.

“He mistook me for a thief when I stepped out and took long to return to the guest room,” said Happy.

Wow, Tanzania police officers must be Nice!

The two ‘lovers’ had met at a nightclub in Dar where Mr Nice had just performed.

The pics



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