Desperate Times? Fake Opinion Polls Flood Social Media

July 31, 2017

Did Infotrak release a new opinion poll on Friday, which the media deliberately ignored? Well, NO.

But according to @BelAkinyii on Twitter, they did and Raila is basically waiting for his swearing in. The new poll has the Nasa leader at 56% while President Uhuru comes in second with 40%.

The hallmark of fake polls has been the call to action ‘Share Widely’. This is meant to meant to accomplish several things. First, to create a siege mentality where you present yourself as the victim of the biased media. Second, to give those supporting your candidate hope and confidence. Third, to scare those supporting an opposing candidate.

Once in a while it works. Most of those commenting on this particular one believed the fake news.

“The Media in Kenya are Owned by the Powers that be, We will be Our Own Media, Kenyans are tired.” commented one user.

Another one even imagined seeing the same poll on TV. “Citizen TV did report that though I don’t know about other medias. NASA watashinda. Lakini KDF kuwa wasimazi naona kunatatizo hapo.” he replied.

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Also read how Jubilee faked a CNN report: This is the Most Creative Fake News We’ve Seen in This Election (VIDEO)

Still on fake or untrustworthy polls, another one was released yesterday by a shady outfit calling itself  Centre for African Progress (CAP).

The poll proclaimed a round one victory for Uhuru Kenyatta, and though largely ignored by the mainstream media, it got a limited mention on Capital FM.

From the poll, Uhuru will get 53% while Raila will come second with 42%. Only 5% were found to be undecided in the poll that also ignored the fringe candidates.

Apparently, the poll was conducted between 24 and 27 of July and sampled 9,995 respondents randomly selected from all the 47 counties.

“Kenyatta high ratings as revealed by the respondents are attributed to the Standard Gauge Railway project, the free maternity scheme and the laptop project, though in some places,” operations manager Abel Oyieyo told the media.

At this point, anyone who is neither Ipsos nor Infotrak will find it hard to convince the country that their poll is genuine. As it stands, even the two known pollsters are never believed by whichever side they don’t favour.

This week, it is likely that there will be one final round of major opinion polls. Just know that whenever these two release a poll, it will be on all media. Ignore the funny looking screenshots about some alleged coverage boycott.

But ultimately whether you believe the polls is up to you. The final and most important one will be conducted on Tuesday next week.

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