Dennis Itumbi Delivers Hilarious Comeback After Miguna’s Diss on TV

July 20, 2017

There is no love lost between Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Miguna Miguna and State House digital director Dennis Itumbi.

On Monday, Itumbi had taken up the role of Ruto’s spokesman, taking to social media to inform Kenyans why the Deputy President was skipping the running mates’ debate.

It so happened that Miguna was one of the panelist on the multi-station broadcast. Taking questions from Larry Madowo, Miguna rubbished the role played by Itumbi, coming short of calling him a ‘nobody’.

“It is completely unacceptable, that you would communicate to Kenyans through Itumbi. Who is Itumbi? Do these people understand state crafts?” Miguna said.


Itumbi tried to shrug it off, but Miguna’s blow was too much.

He sat down and thought of a proper comeback, and yesterday he delivered. Designed like UhuRuto’s daily campaign route posters, Itumbi made this one for Miguna. I must say it contains a lot of truth.

Someone added that NTV seems to be his stronghold, and I can’t agree more. He is there every morning.

This is how Uhuruto’s posters look by the way.

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