Boy Child Under Siege! Woman Teams Up with her Girlfriends to Beat Up Man for Toying with her (Raw Video)

June 19, 2017

The Kenyan boy child is truly under siege. If we are not getting humiliated at fast food joints when we propose then we are getting beat up by our girlfriends and their friends.

Social media was left shocked over the weekend when a woman posted a video on Facebook showing a group of women attacking a man.

The amateur video, shared by one Rozellah Rozz, shows a group of about five ladies landing blows and slaps on a helpless man who tries to protect himself.

Roze captioned the clip: “I’m still on my mission to finish you up..that kichapo you got from ME and my “BIG FIVE LADIES” is just for a start.ain’t done with you,,its enough being your toy….tafuta dem Wa kuchezea not Rozellah Rozz and I had warned you..”

Watch below:

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