We Burnt a Mattress while Cooking Ugali and Omena, Comedian Njugush Talks Campus Life

May 15, 2017

Everyone’s favorite internet comedian Timothy Kimani aka Njugush, believe it or not had dreams of becoming a pilot..then a neurosurgeon..then a general physician. But because he was failing, he thought he was better suited to be a doctor.

Now, he is a comedian and a radio host at BBCSema.

He spoke to SDE about his education backgroung and revealed the following:

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a pilot, but after my KCPE results a dream to be become a neurosurgeon was kindled. In form two, the dream changed to that of a general physician. I even majored in the three sciences to help me realise this dream but alas! I was failing. By the time I was in form four, I was better suited as a doctor.

If my parents could have had their way I would have been a…


Which college did you attend?

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication.

What did you major in?


How was your college experience?

Challenging. I was a parallel student, which meant I had evening classes and couldn’t get a hostel in campus. Unfortunately, hostels in South B area where the school is locate are very expensive. I was, therefore, forced to sleep in school illegally. I also had to be in good terms with mama wa mjengo where I could access cheap food on credit.

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Most memorable moment?

My friends and I once decided to cook ugali and omena thinking the matron wasn’t around. We were wrong, and the aroma of the fish frying drew her to our room. Since it was illegal to cook the hostels, we hid the food in the roof and tossed the makeshift electric cooking coil under the bed. That was not the brightest of ideas because clothes and the mattress caught fire resulting in an amusing incident.

Best campus experience?

Acting helped me escape my misery. We used to do it from 8pm to early morning.

Worst lecturer…

He used to teach us news writing and came class drunk more often than not before ranting about how tough life is.

Hardest unit…

I thought I was done with mathematics in high school, then Economics appeared.

I repeated…

Graphics and design for news because the lecturer was beautiful. I used to sit at the front row in class listening to what she was saying.

Campus hangout joints…

Picolina. I used to buy one soda and dance all night because that was all I could afford; besides, I was a teetotaler.

Dating experience?

I wasn’t very lucky in my first two years in school. On my third year, however, I got a girlfriend who I later married.

What I hated most about campus was…

School breaks and long holidays. While in school was in session, I networked and was always busy in different lucrative projects but breaks in shags did not yield much.

If I could I change one thing about my campus experience I would….

Get myself a room. Brikicho with the matron wasn’t nice.

Would you go back to school?

I had never used my college certificate for work until recently. Going back to school is something I’ve been toying with but my hands are full at the moment.

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