Julius Mwithali, the man who made headlines on January 25 after hanging on Raila Odinga’s chopper, finally met opposition leader Raila Odinga on Monday.

Raila’s aide Norman Magaya said Mr Mwithali who has since earned the nickname Meru James Bond met with Raila at Meru Slopes Hotel on his tour two-day tour of the Mt. Kenya east counties.

According to Magaya, Raila, who has reporteldy promised jobs to Mwithali and his three brothers, gave Mwithali two options to choose from – a job or money.

“I would not reveal much about the meeting between Mr Odinga and Mwithalii. If anything, it was a conclave (private meeting). But what the guy (Mr Mwithalii) wanted was a job. Mr Odinga gave him the option of either employing him directly, or giving him money to start a business. All those were options on the table, as to which option Mr Mwithalii picked, I am not quite sure,” Mr Magaya told EDAILY.

Mr Magaya also refuted media reports that Mr Odinga had met with Mwithalii, 28, alongside his three brothers at the Capitol Hill in Nairobi on Monday, February 20.

The reports, which quoted Meru County ODM Chairman, Robert Kathata, as the source, added that Mr Odinga promised to give jobs to Mwithali and his brothers.