Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is in the middle of a big fight with fellow gubernatorial aspirant Peter Kenneth.

Sonko has been under pressure from some quarters to drop out of the race to pave way for PK’s nomination. However, the controversial senator has come out to state categorically that he will not leave the ticket for Peter Kenneth.

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This Sunday while appearing on Citizen TV, Sonko went as far as saying that he will never work with the former Gatanga MP, either as his deputy or his boss.

An angry Sonko called Kenneth some nasty things, stating categorically that he will never forgive him for vying against Uhuru in 2013.

However, the kind of anger the senator has displayed towards his rival in the last few weeks is very recent. In fact, Sonko was not so long ago a big fan of Peter Kenneth.

KTN have released an undated audio of Sonko praising the man he now calls ‘albino’ and ‘chewing gum’.

A few months ago before PK entered the Nairobi race, Sonko was still facing opposition within the Jubilee party. Some people wanted him to stick to the senatorial race, but Sonko came out to dismiss them.

In the audio, Sonko says that only Uhuru can tell him to drop out of the race.

”Uhuru akiniambia niwache, mimi nitawacha… Kama ni kuleta mtu, tutatafuta wale watu wanasimama urais, mtu kama Peter Kenneth. Huyo tunaweza leta Nairobi tusaidie yeye. Huyo ni mtu ata akiwa Gatanga, CDF yake ilikuwa namba moja Kenya nzima. Ni mtu anajali maendeleo na maslahi ya Kenya.”

”If Uhuru tells me to drop out of the race, I will. We can even bring someone else to vie for the governor’s set. Someone like Peter Kenneth. We can bring him to Nairobi and help him get this seat. When he was in Gatdanga, his CDF was rankedd number 1 in the whole country. He is very development minded.” Sonko is heard saying.

Here’s the clip that may come back to haunt Sonko.