Actress Turned Politician Nyasuguta Narrates Rape Attempt Ordeal

March 3, 2017

A month after she was attacked by four men at Mukuru Kwa Reuben slums, Vitimbi actress Eunice Wambui famously known as Nyasuguta has revealed that she survived a rape attempt in the ordeal.

Nyasuguta, who is eyeing the Embakasi South Parliamentary seat in August 8 poll, said four men armed with crude weapons cornered and beat her up, before one attempted to undress her.

“One of the men pushed and pinned me to the ground and attempted to undress me in a bid to rape me. It was terrible. I tried scratching him on the face. He got angry and landed blows on my cheeks. I bit him, he bit back. One of the four men who was keeping watch, warned my aggressor against raping me. At that time, I had blood on my face neck and private parts. My aggressor then withdrew after three of his colleagues pulled him away from me. They took off thereafter. That experience was traumatic!” Nyasuguta told EDAILY.

Nyasuguta reported the matter at Industrial Area police station. The four men are yet to be arrested.

“Several days after healing from the attack, I sat down with boys from Mukuru Kwa Reuben slum and made them understand the trauma I went through. I told them that I am a mother, a sister. I pleaded with them to refrain from perpetrating gender-based violence,” she said.

Nyasuguta further revealed that the ordeal, and growing up with a father who abused her mother, have made her develop a negative attitude toward relationships and men.

“Watching my mother being beaten by my dad provoked fear for marriage in me. That explains why I want to be single forever. I used to feel very bad watching my mum receive slaps, kicks and blows. That affected me as a child. It also made me have a negative perception about men,” she added.

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