Widow of Reveler Who Died at B-Club Mourns in Touching Tribute

February 9, 2017

Last week Friday, a reveler tragically met his death after a night of partying at the popular B-Club in Kilimani.

Moses Baraka Chacha reportedly fell down a stairwell at Galana Plaza, the building that hosts the club.

Chacha’s close friend, George Humphrey Kajimba revealed that the deceased fell to his death after attempting to descend a stairwell by sliding on down the staircase railing.

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Mr Chacha who was working for Youth Dynamix – a research company -was also a family man and married to one, Faith Nchagwa.

Faith, now a widow, has mourned Chacha in a touching social media post.

“Yesterday went down in my history as yet one of the darkest and saddest moment of my life. I lost you, a best friend and dear husband. I still can’t come to terms with your unfortunate death. I’m still asking God to just tell me it was just a dream. But all in all I can’t question the work of his hands, I thank him for bringing you into my life and making it bright. You are the best husband I could ever ask for, very jovial and full of life. We had many plans together, but I believe God had a better plan for us, that is why he took you even before we celebrated our first anniversary How sad.

I sincerely thank all friends and family members who have already come to console and are continuing to console with me during this time, May God bless you. May God also give me strength and courage to go through it al. Dance with the angels my love, till we meet again 

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