Watch: ‘Mapenzi Gani’ Octopizzo’s Favorite Track Off the Refugeenius Album (VIDEO)

February 9, 2017

Octopizzo has released another track off the ‘Refugeenius’ album dubbed ‘Mapenzi Gani.’

The track is a Valentine’s special by Burundi’s Queen Lissa and Congo’s Solution, both living in Kakuma Refugee camp.

According to Octo, who plays mentor to budding artistes at the Kakuma and Daadab refugee camps, ‘Mapenzi Gani’ is his personal favorite off the Refugeenius project.

The Namba Nane rapper also used the release of the song to hit out at media for not promoting the artists’ talents.

“Media still Sleeping on this kids yet they claim to be promoting talent.
If you still look at the super talented fellows as”just” Refugees & Not professional artists with ability to compete with the rest of us, then don’t act like we cool when we meet coz I ain’t cool with you,just know you will never stop their shine coz they just getting started.
This Kids on #Refugeenius Albums are 5 times better than the shit am hearing on Radio & Tv Now.
But I guess it’s the System,” wrote Octo.

He does have a valid point. This latest release is proof that these talented artists deserve more airplay if at all there is any.

Check out ‘Mapenzi Gani’

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