PHOTOS – President Uhuru ‘Gotas’ with Mbusii, Dabs With FBI Dance Crew at Statehouse

February 9, 2017

In a bid to mobilize more youth to register as voters, President Uhuru Kenyatta met a host of Kenya’s youthful entertainers at Statehouse on Wednesday.

The entertainers included popular radio presenter Daniel Githinji Mwangi popularly known as ‘Mbusii’, gospel crooner Roy Smith Mwatia aka Rufftone and the award-winning FBI dance crew.

The President called on the youth to take an active role in the upcoming polls in order to elect leaders who care about their interests.

“The youth make up about two-thirds of the Kenyan population and that means they have the power to put in office leaders who care about their interests. Kenyan youth have an obligation to register as voters so that they can participate in the upcoming polls. The present and the future of the country belongs to the youth and they should step up to take an active role,” said the Head of State.

In the afternoon meet up with the entertainers, the president shared light moments with Mbusii and FBI – who taught the president how to pull off the dab.

Some pics:

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