OMG: Fake Translator in Viral Video Arrested

February 10, 2017

While the rest of us thought it was funny, the Tanzanian government did not.

It’s true that very few Tanzanians are fluent in English.. and who can blame them when their language of instruction is Kiswahili.

But the Minister for Tourism Professor Jumanne Maghembe watched the clip and quickly understood why it had gone viral.

In the 1 minute clip, the guy who we’ve learnt is a tour guide at the Serengeti, translates a very gracious message about Tanzania into something totally different and hilarious.


Speaking to the press, the tourism minister stated that after watching the clip, he directed that the guide be arrested immediately.

”I issued instructions on Tuesday night that he be arrested, and I’ve received reports today that he has been arrested at the Nabi Serengeti gate, and is now in remand at Mugumu.” Professor Maghembe said.

I think they should cut the poor guy some slack. He was was just trying to be funny.

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