Miguna: Kidero Has Hired 5 Men To Assassinate Me

February 14, 2017

Nairobi gubernatorial hopeful Miguna Miguna has sensationally claimed that Governor Evans Kidero is planning to assassinate him.

Miguna has been critical of the sitting governor on social media and TV for long, but Kidero rarely replies.

Posting on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend, Miguna claimed that one Canscious Oteng has been hired by Kidero to kill him. Miguna said that Oteng is one of 5 men who have been paid to do the job.

According to the former aide to the Prime Minister, a co-conspirator broke rank and reported the matter to the police on January 15, 2017. Apparently, they had surveilled his Nairobi home for a while but decided to kill him on the road using two Toyota Probox vehicles.

This was Miguna’s post.


In the public interest and as I promised to do a few days ago, I hereby provide details of an assassin who was allegedly hired by Evans Odhiambo Kidero and others, provided with firearms, paid and instructed to kill me.

 Accused: Canscious OTENG’.

 Was born in Homa Bay but lives in Nairobi.

 Appearance: Homa Bay Court, February 13, 2017.

 More suspects are being sought.

 A co-conspirator broke rank and reported the matter to the police on January 15, 2017. He asserted in a detailed Statement to the Police that five of them had been hired, given firearms, instructions to kill me and paid. They had surveilled my Nairobi home but decided to kill me on the road using two Toyota Probox vehicles. That was before his conscience stopped him from proceeding with the plot and he went to the Police.

 Homa Bay CCIO, Daniel Wachira is in charge of the investigations.

 Please address your questions either to the police or the DPP.

The Police and DPP are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenders. I urge them to take their work seriously, do not allow themselves to be compromised by anyone and to arrest everyone involved. No one is above the law.

Meanwhile, I will continue fighting against the cartels and my gubernatorial campaign for Nairobi without fear. Cowardly criminals will not deter me. The transformative forces will liberate Nairobi no matter what conspiracies and evil schemes the cartels, thieves and drug lords come up with. Viva!

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