Did Miss World Kenya Stab Miss Tanzania in the Back to Win Miss Africa Crown? She Speaks

January 12, 2017

Once again Kenya and Tanzania are locked in a beef of sorts! This time it is neither about Mt Kilimanjaro nor Kigamboni Bridge but about the Miss Africa Crown.

It started with Miss World Tanzania, Diana Edward, calling out Miss Kenya Evelyn Njambi for stabbing her in the back to win the coveted continental crown.

Ms Edwards alleges that Ms Njambi copied her project on the Beauty with a Purpose award.

Diana Edward said her documentary titled Maasai Dondosha Wembe (project seeking to end female genital mutilation) scooped position 24 in the Beauty with a Purpose category, instead of the first position after Evelyn Njambi – whom she said she thought was a close friend –, complained that she did the same project.

“I am not happy with what she did. I asked her if she knew a Kenyan designer I wanted to use, but she denied, yet she has worn some of his designs. So, I wore his design not knowing she had worn it and went ahead to do a photo shoot. All this time, she was fake, going behind my back. She claimed there was need for Africans to support each other, yet she knew exactly what she was up to,” complained Diana.

Responding to Ms Edwards allegations, the Kenyan beauty has expressed shock and denied any foul play.

“Eih, jameni! (Shocked). Oh my goodness, that is not true. You know what, when it comes to the Beauty with a Purpose video, cause I think that is where all the conundrum and arguments erupted from, is that what we are supposed to do is submit our videos for Beauty with a Purpose and then a panel of judges comes in, views the videos – based on how well you have done the video, and how best you have expressed what the problem is; and the solution(s),” Njambi told eDaily.

“So, we have no control over how a judge will dictate your results or your performance. Our work was to do the video, which we did and submitted. So, when we got there to Miss World competition, the judges had already seen them – and we were only waiting for their evaluation reports. So, it is good that both of us had the same project, but I think the most important thing is for us to put our differences aside and come together and face this Beauty with a Purpose project that occurs in both our countries, which is anti-FGM, and which I am very passionate about. So, if we were to come together and rescue them (girls) from the female circumcision that would be great.”

She added; “I have forgiven her for the remarks. Sisters fight, sisters make up. But I think let us remember our purpose as not only girls but as beauty queens in our countries. We have a voice, like I said, if we were to come together and use this voice to create awareness about our problems and not tear down others, then the world will be a better place.

If I’d address Miss Tanzania directly, I’d say: “I wish you all the best in whatever endeavor she’s engaging in. May your dreams come true this year. Happy New Year.”

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