Why Veteran Rapper Abbas Kubaff Left Kenya For Good

June 3, 2016

abbasIn addition to getting paid peanuts(Sh 89 to be precise) in royalties, Rapper Abbas Kubaff’s exit from the 254 is for a very good reason.
In a small farewell party with a small circle of friends, Abbas officially made the announcement of his departure.
“I am leaving. I am going away. I am going for good,” he told shell-shocked friends.
Friends who were present at the party thought the musician was just too damn high, so they laughed off the announcement. However, the rapper insisted that it was their(he and his family) last night in the country.
“As a matter of fact, this is our last night here, my family and I,” he declared.
“I know many people will question this but I have to give my daughter the good life she deserves. The good life I never had while growing up.”
The rapper settled down with his British girlfriend Annah English whom he wedded in August last year after the bitter split ex-wife Natasha aka Baby Gangsta. Together with their daughter, they have relocated to Malta Island.
“I love Kenya my motherland but I am at a point in my life where I don’t want to toil with my career to give my daughter a good life. All that matters now is my two girls, my daughter Sophia and her mum Annah. Kindly friends, I know it’s unfortunate, but I have to bid you farewell. We will meet again, when and if God decides so,” he said.
He also left his fans with a message.
“Even if my stay in Kenya has come to an end, all I want my fans to know is that I love them but I can’t keep the hustle. I’m doing this for my daughter. The message I want my fans to get from you is that I will keep releasing my new songs regardless of where I am.”
He is expected to drop his album, Abbas Is Back.

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