Check Out The Expensive Machine Vitimbi Actress Nyasuguta Drives (PHOTO)

June 3, 2016

nyasugutaSay what you may about former Vitimbi actress Eunice Wambui aka Nyasuguta but the lass is happy and living large. The last time we heard from her, it was all about her bleaching as Kenyans bashed her for bleaching her face.
She explained that she had to bleach because of a dent on her face that was sustained from a road accident.
“I was involved in an accident in 2013. I got dented on the face. The dent was lighter than other parts of my face, consequently making me look like a person who has two facial complexions in one,” she was quoted last year.
Well, away from all that hullabaloo, Nyasuguta is counting blessings from her hard work. On social media she posted a photo posing next to a Range Rover and captioned it: “God’s blessings. I’m so humbled never been happier.”
She currently works for a job placement agency.
Check out her ride:
Nyasuguta's ride

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