Zombies of Nairobi: The Harrowing Documentary of Nairobi’s Glue-Sniffing Street Children you Need to Watch

May 13, 2016

zombiesA harrowing documentary that has gone viral on the interwebs has left a trail of shock, disbelief, sadness and anger at the deplorable living conditions of Nairobi’s street kids.
Dubbed ‘Zombies of Nairobi’, the video was posted on the Facebook page, Fanpage.itFanpage.it is an Italian online newspaper launched by media group Ciaopeople in 2010.
The documentary gives viewers an in depth look into the story of Kenya’s liquid drugs and their impact on street children.
While most of us are probably used to seeing glue-sniffing street children, this documentary shows the side we never get to see. It might horrify you but it will certainly open your eyes to the part of Nairobi no one wants to talk about.
Watch below:
Fanpage.it | Facebook

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