VIDEO: Frustrated Ukoo Flani Rapper Stuck in France Seeks Help from Kenyans

May 4, 2016

G Rongi1Popular member of Kenyan hip hop group Ukoo Flani Maumau, Joseph Githinji better known as G Rongi is a frustrated man because he is stuck in France.
The rapper, as a result has made a video seeking help from Kenyans. In the video posted on his Facebook page, G Rongi claims the Kenyan embassy in France has declined to issue him with his passport.
He applied for a passport renewal in January 25th this year and until now it has not been issued. As a result, the rapper has missed crucial business trips to New York and is set to miss another to Bangkok.
G Rongi further claims that the embassy is treating him like garbage, prompting him to reach out to Kenyans for help.
Here is that video:
G.rongi Matigari | Facebook

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