Open Letter To Blogger Robert Alai

May 20, 2016

robert alai1We read stories of giants and many other good ones when we were growing up, but there’s this particular story of the beautiful Nyakio, and the way she used her beauty to torment the entire village.
For those who never read the book:
Nyakio was a very beautiful woman in one village, (call it Nyarenda where so many Englishians aka Os come from).
When Nyakio became of age (to attract Fisis), she used to give false alarms, awaking the entire village at night that a snake, (the real snake) had visited her bed. Many men would run to her place in a bid to help her, only to find out that she merely wanted attention.
This happened for several nights, innumerable nights I guess. The worst part is when the law of diminishing returns applied.
The first night, more than 100 men showed up. The second night, probably 75 men. The third night, some 40 men?
And as the days went on with the continued false alarms, your guess is as good as mine.
Until one day, one night, the real Python crawled into her room.
Think before you shout ‘snakes’ and be careful what you wish for.
SIGNED: Johnson Juma-Omwando

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