Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu Launches Hilarious Show ‘That Online Guy’. Watch Episode 1 (VIDEO)

May 20, 2016

willisCitizen TV journalist Willis Raburu on Thursday finally unveiled his highly anticipated secret project.
Dubbed ‘That Online Guy’, it is a vlog in which Willis dissects stories making headlines on the interwebs in various fields from entertainment, politics, and delivers the stories with a dose of humor.
This is how he explains it, “Think of the online world as an ocean and you the ship on it. It is vast and needs someone to navigate through it, a captain of sorts . That is where I come in. That online guy unpackages matters that are online in various fields from entertainment, politics, and just plain weird stuff. I deliver it to you with a dose of humor and reality. I am simply THAT ONLINE GUY.”
He posted the first episode on YouTube which looks into Kizza Besigye, The Kardashians and Donald Trump.
Check this madness out:

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