“If I have had any Plastic Surgery, then it is Natural” – Betty Bayo Tells it All

May 17, 2016

bettyPopular gospel musician Betty Bayo has addressed all the rumors that have plagued her in recent times.
The songbird was speaking to Pulse, where she opened up about her career, her new born baby, divorce from estranged husband Pastor Kanyari and rumors of plastic surgery.
You have been in the United States for quite some time now. What exactly were you doing there?
“Well, I was invited by some of my music fans to go and stage some gospel music concerts.”
Who was hosting you and in what capacity were they hosting you?
“Queens Nights Ministry, a gospel ministry for women in Kansas sent me an invitation letter to go, encourage and edify them with my music. I had a chance to visit eight States in total during the visit and the trip turned out to be very successful.”
You have a great following both home and abroad. What are you doing about both groups of fans?
“I thank God for the loyal following I enjoy from both home and abroad and the best thing I can do is to continue using my gift to bless them.”
Are you working with any music group there or recording any songs in the U.S?
“The best I can reveal now is that I am working on new projects, one of them being a song I am set to release before the end of this week.”
You used to work closely with your estranged husband Pastor Kanyari’s ministry before the controversy that rocked his church last year. Do you still work with the ministry?
“I stood in the office of a wife in his ministry as a co-worker in the ministry. You don’t start betraying someone you loved or someone you lived with simply because they have run into trouble. Even though we had issues even before then, I don’t think it is Godly for me to betray him as I am not God and I don’t judge people. I can only pray for him. I have no intention to open up a church or a ministry as my calling is in music till… say further notice.”
Do you still communicate with him and the people you used to work with in his ministry?
“When it comes to my personal ministry, we have never worked together and this is something we had discussed long time ago. My music career is still young and very promising so he set me free to work on my music.”
What does that mean… couldn’t you combine your God-given gifts?
“Let us just say that he (Pastor Kanyari) is a very tough guy and I am very big-headed. We had many differences in the way we view things. Amicably, we agreed to disagree.”
Well put, but why then did you decide to finally leave even after defending him against his accusers all along and vowing to stay on?
“Back then, I spoke as his wife. Since then, Pastor Kanyari told me that in case anyone wants to know details about him or his church issues, he should contact him directly, not other people. I guess he can answer that question.”
Are we confirming the divorce rumours now with this kind of approach towards each other?
“It is not wise for a couple to wash their dirty linen in public. Whether we decide to part ways or remain together, I don’t think the media will be our best platform to announce this.”
Your friends hosted you to a big baby shower ceremony away in the U.S, sometime ago, after which your separated husband said he didn’t know anything about it, even the pregnancy. Who was behind the ceremony?
“My fans there decided to bless me and I thank God for that.”
Congrats for the new baby. Would you talk about the new angel that Pastor Kanyari says he knows nothing about?
“You know what, these are side stories that some bloggers would want to feast on so I don’t want to stop the speculations they have been making as they too have bills to pay. Sitaki kuwamwagia unga (I don’t want to spoil their money making).”
Well, taking you back, how did the entire controversy saga affect you as a person and a celebrity that many fans look up to?
“I would honestly say at the end everything turned positive. My fans started relating better with me as all that happened is human and it’s something many can relate to. Many people have marital issues. I got more music shows after that and my career is looking up now. Besides, I am now more courageous than I used to be and it no longer matters much what people say about me. I have learned to rise above issues to focus on my vision and goals.”
So no regrets at all?
“None whatsoever. Without a test, you never get a testimony. I thank God for it all.”
Did you fall out with some friends?
“You will be surprised that many people, from my pastor Bishop Gachana to my mum Reverend Wangunjiri, musicians and fellow Christians stood firm with me. That truly humbled me.”
Then there is this little issue about plastic surgery that is now feeding social media…
(Laughs) Yaani (You mean) I have changed so much till I look like I have had plastic surgery? Allow me look at myself in the mirror again. If I have had any plastic surgery, then it is natural… if there is anything like that. I forgive those cheap gossipers and warn them to stick to their business.”
Source: Pulse

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