Fisi wa Mafisi Wote!! DnG Spotted Dirty Dancing Shamelessly with Mystery Woman in Public (PHOTOS)

May 4, 2016

DnG8Well, the self proclaimed hype master Davidson Ngibuini aka DnG is well over his wife Yvette Nungari. Or at least it appears so if photos doing the rounds on the interwebs are anything to go by.
The former 1FM radio presenter was spotted in Kisumu on Saturday, April 30 dirty dancing with an unidentified woman. He was emceeing Sauti Sol’s Live and Die in Africa concert at the lakeside.
Ever since the hype master split with his wife of six short months in the last phase of 2015, he has been spotted on countless times cosying up with different women. This is despite the fact that he has never officially addressed whether he’s still married to miss Nungari.
Whether their split is official or not, it appears that DnG is working extra hard to rub it on everybody’s face, including his ‘dear’ wife that he is over her. If you ask me, it comes off as childish and somewhat disrespectful to Yvette and her family and these latest photos are not doing him any favors.
Quite tasteless and ratchet, even for a hype master! If you are going to simulate oral sex in the name of dancing and being a hype master, keep it away from the public eye. Shenz!!

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