The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Monday April 18)

April 18, 2016

A look at some of the stories making global headlines today.
Kenya win Singapore Sevens for first ever title

News: Kenya win Singapore Sevens on HSBC World Sevens Series with victory over Fiji in final – ur7s

Behold! KAA 001A… The First Car to Be Registered Under Current System

Waititu is Really Getting Some Love in Kiambu.. Watch How Kabogo was Humiliated

Powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Ecuador’s coast, topples bridge, buildings

See the ‘quiet dignity’ of India’s third gender hijra community

Monica Lewinsky opens up about post-sex scandal trauma; the Internet stands in solidarity

Beyoncé announces mysterious ‘World Premiere,’ and the Beyhive lost it

Website turns your Instagram photos into a coloring book

Newscaster can’t believe ‘Avatar’ is getting 4 sequels either

Inside the truck: How ESPN handled Kobe Bryant’s epic final game

Cookie and Luscious Lyon from ‘Empire’ to finally get their own dolls

The Obamas made $436,065 in 2015

How Rupert Murdoch warmed up to Donald Trump’s candidacy

CBS head Les Moonves’ earned $57 million in 2015

N. Korea on Trump comment: ‘Absurd, illogical’

Saudis warn of economic reprisals if Congress passes 9/11 bill

Photo of Kate, Wills evokes 1992 Diana pic

Nigeria Senate wamts update on missing girls

I was part of the first group of outsiders allowed to ride the subway in North Korea – here’s what I saw

George Clooney’s neighbor threw a counter-fundraiser for Bernie Sanders as Hillary Clinton arrived for a Hollywood fundraiser

Coalition air strikes kill 25,000 ISIS jihadis in Syria

Scientists discover ways supersized prehistoric seabirds flew

Mother and daughter who splashed £60,000 on plastic surgery

Man City paired with Real Madrid in Champions League semi-final draw

Scottish castle with 40 bedrooms goes up for sale for just £900,000

Don’t upstage the bride! Celebrity bridesmaids

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