Video of the Day: Obama Teaches Steph Curry How to Play Basketball

April 18, 2016

vidPresident Obama took some time out of his packed schedule to help an aspiring young basketball player improve his shooting form, and even spruce up his resume in case his dream of being a professional athlete doesn’t pan out.
The young player, named Stephen Curry, also learned how to — wait, hold up. What?
Curry, an all-star player with the Golden State Warriors, joined Obama for a funny video showcasing the importance of mentorship in America.
In the clip, Obama trounces Curry in Connect Four, helps Curry build a volcano science experiment and teaches the basketball star one of the most important lessons of his career: never put clip art on your resume.
It’s a reminder that even the greats can use a little mentoring — and should definitely take time to do a little mentoring, too.
Thanks, Obama. Really. (Mashable)

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