Waititu is Really Getting Some Love in Kiambu.. Watch How Kabogo was Humiliated

April 15, 2016

kabogoBaba Yao seems to be getting more love in Kiambu than people anticipated.
His rivalry with current Kiambu Governor William Kabogo is well documented, and it is expected they’ll face each other on the ballot.
This week, President Uhuru and his deputy dropped in on Ruaka. Several central politicians were part of the entourage, among them Kabogo and Waititu.
Ruto was tasked with introducing the Members of Parliament present at the rally, and no name attracted half as much excitement as Waititu’s.
Kabogo was actually booed by large sections of the crowd.
Watch how that went down.
You may also want to hang around for Uhuru’s speech. He had a lot to say about Raila.

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