Narudi Ocha!!! TV Heartthrob Nick Mutuma and Martin Kimathi in New Show ‘Ocha’ (TRAILER)

April 29, 2016

ochaApparently, the Kenyan entertainment industry is all a facade in which artists are living a lie and drowning in debt in a bid to keep up with showbiz.
This is according to seasoned TV personality, Nick Mutuma. The popular actor and model is as a result taking a break from the entertainment industry and going back to his roots.
Nick has teamed up with his ‘boy’ and Teen Republik host Martin Kimathi to bring a fresh and innovative television series dubbed ‘Ocha.’ The show depicts two going back to Meru County to start a coffee farm from scratch.
“I needed to get away from all the hype and try detox. I want to get my priorities in order and figure out what matters and why I do what I do,” says Nick.
From a trailer released on YouTube, Nick and Martin are seen trying their hand at everything in a bid to adapt to the rural life and build up a profitable coffee farm business.
From the little we have seen, the show holds much promise. Details of its debut are yet to be released ut it is expected to be soon.
Check it out:

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