“I Cannot Misbehave with Women Because of my Kids” – Bahati Reveals

April 25, 2016

bahatiGospel wonder kid Bahati is very much single and holding out for the right woman. The ‘Itakua Sawa’ singer revealed to eDaily how his 3 kids have made him a responsible guy when it comes to women.
In the interview, Bahati also spoke about personal details about his life and music career.
“Well, my childhood life was just like any other. Not many know that I have two step-brothers and one step-sister, however, from my mother’s side, I was left alone after my brother sadly passed on.”
“My most memorable day as a child was when I first visited the ‘big city’, Nairobi. I was around six years. My late mother took me and it was amazing. I had never seen such big and tall buildings ever, so you can imagine how amazed I was.”
So which games did you enjoy playing?
“I liked playing ile game ya kuslide kwa matope. Let me tell you, I was the king of that game, I really used to enjoy it.”
“However, my childhood life was not all full of roses. I had my ups and downs but I always thank God for the far He has brought me.”
But where did his music career begin?
“My music career started at the orphanage.”
“When my stay at the orphanage was almost coming to an end, I knew I had to figure a way out to make it in life. Honestly speaking, I feared being poor.”
“However, I did not start with music, I used to write poems then the music came much later.”
With hit songs such as BaruaMama,and Lover, what motivates the talented musician to do what he does?

“First, God makes it top on the list. He is my everything and for the far I have reached, it is all because of Him.
In addition, anything positive that goes on in the society also motivates me. I have a lot of passion for the society and that is why you will find me always helping out where I can. I have always wanted to be the voice of the society.”
So what do you desire the most?
“My desire is to be the best talent ever in Kenya, not forgetting the best talent from the Ghetto and Eastland. I want to raise the gospel industry here in Kenya to a level where it hasn’t reached before.”
Has he found an ideal soul mate?
“One thing that I am doing is praying for a loving wife. My search still continues and I believe that I will find a right one for myself. As for now, I am still single.”
If he was given the chance to be the President of the Republic of Kenya, what would he do?
“Given that chance, I would make sure that there are cancer machines in our hospitals that could help in the treatment of cancer. To me, that is the most important thing.”
And what are his thoughts on the gospel industry?
“According to me, we are heading in the right direction. There are talented musicians out there who are doing well. People should, however, pray for us so that we can be able to give more and more and grow as well.”
He would bring back his late mother given a chance
“I miss my mother very much and if given a chance to live another life, I would try as much as possible to bring her back.”
What has made him responsible in life?
“Taking care of a child is not an easy task. I take care of three children and they teach me to be responsible. They have been able to teach me how to be responsible to the point where, at my age, I cannot misbehave with women. I cannot introduce different women to them.”
Credits: eDaily

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