“I Like Myself A Lot More Now That I’m Bald” – Lupita Nyong’o

March 23, 2016

lupitaOscar Award winner Lupita Nyong’o has revealed why she decided to shave off her hair, saying she likes herself more with short hair.
The 12 Years A Slave star was speaking in an interview with InStyle magazine as the cover model for the April 2016 issue.
“I wasn’t sure I could pull off [the bald look]. Because hair is the frame of the face, right? And we spend so much time on it, trying to get it perfect. It often defines one’s beauty and feminine value. Almost on a whim, I was like, What if I didn’t have it?”
“And so I shaved it all off — I was a complete baldy! It was shocking at first, especially for my mum. But I learned to embrace my features. And I like myself a lot more now that I’m not constantly fussing over my hair,” She revealed.
Speaking about African-Americans in Hollywood, she said: “There is a real imbalance, from the very creation of the stories and who’s telling them, how, and why.”
“Change has to happen with the writers, the studio, the marketers, the directors. That’s got to be diversified because there is a hunger for the expansion of the role of people of colour in the centre of narratives.”
Meanwhile, the actress is part of a star studded voice cast in the upcoming American fantasy adventure film ‘The Jungle Book.’ She will star alongside Idris Elba who voices Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, Christopher Walkwen as King Louie, Giancarlo Esposito as Akela, and Ben Kingsley as Bagheera.
Walt Disney studios on Monday treated fans to six new cast photos of the insanely talented stars posing alongside their larger-than-life CGI counterparts.
Check them out. Each actor has given a brief description of their characters’ personality.
Lupita Nyong’o — Raksha
“The word Raksha actually means protection in Hindi. I felt really connected to that, wanting to protect a son that isn’t originally hers but one she’s taken for her own.”
Idris Elba — Shere Khan
“Shere Khan reigns with fear. He terrorizes everyone he encounters because he comes from a place of fear.”
Scarlett Johansson — Kaa
“Kaa seduces and entraps Mowgli with her storytelling. She’s the mirror into Mowgli’s past. The way she moves is very alluring, almost coquettish.”
Christopher Walken — King Louie
“King Louie is huge — 12 feet tall. But he’s as charming as he is intimidating when he wants to be.”
Giancarlo Esposito — Akela
“Akela is a fierce patriarch of the wolf pack. He believes the strength of the pack lies in what each and every wolf offers. He’s a great leader, a wise teacher.”
Ben Kingsley — Bagheera
“Bagheera is Mowgli’s adoptive parent. His role in Mowgli’s life is to educate, to protect and to guide. My Bagheera was military — he’s probably a colonel. He is instantly recognizable by the way he talks, how he acts and what his ethical code is.”
The Jungle Book hits theaters on April 15

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