Huddah Monroe Responds to Colonel Mustapha’s Claims That He Bedded her 50 Times

February 11, 2016

mustafaWhile in an interview at East Africa TV, controversial rapper Colonel Mustapha shocked viewers when he praised socialite Huddah Monroe’s ‘bed prowess’ and even added that he had bedded her 50 times.
Mustapha also termed the socialite as a sex addict. This description on national television was not well received by an irked Huddah who came out gun-blazing to refute the claims raised by the lenga stress singer.
Huddah took to her Snap-chat to express her anger through a post that read, ‘Why would a nigg* say I’m a sex addict? Some people will look for relevance in any way. Banged me 50 times a day or a week? Where and when? Some Men need to grow the f*** up.’
She however went ahead to agree with some of his sentiments, ‘“I appreciate the compliments he said on live TV. When Huddah takes your MAN he AIN’T coming back. Best believe! He says I was trained in BEDminton by the gods at least he got one thing right. Baddest Chika in Bedminton.”

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