Kisumu Man Who Called Out President Uhuru’s Name Gets Life Changing Call From State House

February 11, 2016

NyagayaThe life of a 28 year old man from Kisumu has changed for the better after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s tour in the county re-ignited his hope of finding a job.
Philemon Agwanda Nyagaya, in a bold move forced his way through hundreds of people and yelled out for the President when the Head of State stopped over at Obunga slum to address a crowd.
“I was standing at one of the bumps on the busy highway. Many people had blocked the road to listen to the President. It then dawned on me that he could help me find a job,” an elated Nyagaya narrated.
His resilience yielded positive results when the President turned to look at him and beckoned him to his car.
“I told him how much I have struggled to get a job. His aides handed me a notebook and a pen to write my contacts,” he added.
On the same day the St Paul’s University graduate gave his phone number to Kenyatta, he received a phone call at around 7pm from State House and had a chat with President Uhuru Kenyatta.
“Later, at around 7pm when we were still discussing the incident with my friends, I received a call from a strange line and a lady was on the other end. She asked my name which I told her and she said the President wanted to speak with me,” Nyagaya told the Daily Nation.
“I did not believe it until I heard the President’s voice and we started conversing. In the conversation, he asked me about my problem. He also asked me about my parents and how they were doing. In the brief chat, he said he was happy with my courageous act and said someone would call me back and I thanked him,” Nyagaya recounted.
Half an hour after his talk with the President, Nyagaya received a call from a lady who asked him to e-mail his CV and other credentials to the Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Sicily Kariuki.
Below is his story. Video courtesy of KTN


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