HILARIOUS! Kenyan Guy Rejects Responsibility For Girl’s Pregnancy Through Facebook Post

February 9, 2016

Social media is not only a place where people connect and network, it has also become a platform where people express and ‘solve’ their relationship issues and private affairs.
Speaking of expressing and solving private matters, a Kenyan guy has shocked many after writing a post denying being the man responsible for a pregnancy of a lady he was in a relationship with, some thirteen months ago.
The guy named Junior George Siambe Opiyo, put up the post to warn Evelyne Awour to stop blackmailing him and look for the man who is really responsible for the pregnancy.
Aye! Below is the post that Mr. George Siambe Opiyo made on his Facebook.
George Siambe Opiyo
Here’s some of the comments the post got.
George Siambe Opiyo 1
George Siambe Opiyo 2
George Siambe Opiyo 3
George Siambe Opiyo 4

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