“You Can’t Preach Water and Drink Wine” – Ringtone to Bahati and Willy Paul

January 18, 2016

RINGTONEGospel singer Ringtone has aired his opinion on the ongoing beef between gospel artists Willy Paul and Bahati.
Ringtone, who announced his retirement from music last week, has advised the two rivals to stop fighting each other.
“I have seen many gospel artistes trying to outdo each other. Some have even forgotten what their calling is,” he told Pulse.
“It is hard to believe that someone can go to a studio and steal another artiste’s song. We heard of that this week. Just how does all this help the gospel industry Beef won’t help you,” he warned.
He issued one ;last warning saying, “Gospel artistes expose themselves so hard yet when the media exposes them, they say they are being targeted. You can’t preach water and drink wine and expect all to go on well.”

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