PHOTOS – These Thieves Were Caught on CCTV Stealing Electronics from an Apartment

January 5, 2016

Thugs are known for the notoriety during holidays. That is when most of the well organized crimes do take place. And with Christmas season having just passed, it is pretty obvious that some ‘smart’ people acquired what was not rightfully theirs.
Two days to 2016, four robbers driving in a TOYOTA RACTIS KCF 936P robbed an apartment and managed to get away with property worth thousands of cash. Although their plan worked all was not well for them as the house they were looting already had CCTV surveillance.
Unware of security cameras, they did not bother to hide their faces, which are now all over social media after the owner of the house posted them on his Facebook page. Lamenting about police’s delay in handling the matter which he has already reported, the victim of the robbery wrote,
‘On the afternoon of the 28th December 2015, at around 12:05pm, the below four men using a TOYOTA RACTIS KCF 936P, arrived at our apartment and without knowing that there was CCTV Camera,one by one they through the gate up the second floor of the apartment and broke into my house and stole all my electronics and other valuables and after 13 minutes, they walked out carrying everything wrapped in my bedsheets and off they sped away. The driver remained in the car and hence wasn’t Cleary identified by the end. The whole incidence was reported to police and up to now very little progress has been made. To the IG, why has this taken so long yet the CCTV camera footage is very vivid and lucid? The car used has plate number and yet the owner of the very car hasn’t been arrested so far? I speak for every young and old Kenyan whose right to security is no question. I speak for every Kenyan who has lost property that he or she has worked for tirelessly and with alot of energy and labor. We continue to invest our resources to be protected yet nothing seems forthcoming. We as Kenyans must stand up and be counted in exposing these heinous men who believes in theft and not shear work of their very hands, and hence have been terrorizing other Kenyans. We must stand, and share and like and report these men to the authorities is sported in your areas . They are a disgrace the the very norms and ethos of hardwork upon which this nation solidly stand. Kenyans, young and old, big and small, politician or civilian, I am confident that if we share these images, justice shall be done to all laboring today, and even our future kids. We have stood as a nation before; and I call upon you ALL,who read this post, to share it and give any information to the police. I am aware that I may not recover all I sweat and worked for but I want this to be a warning to many youths who never believes in hard work but instead, enshrine themselves in burglary and stealing from the very Kenyans who work to take our country to the next level of development. The only way you can participate is by liking and sharing these images so that we can shun these malicious, evil and vile acts of these very venomous and infamous men in our society. In the Words of our President, USALAMA UNAANZA NA WEWE. It’s time we fought for our own security. Leo ni Mimi, kesho Kwako.’
Below are photos of the men he identified as the ones who broke into his house.
Thick thieves 14
Thick thieves 13
Thick thieves 12
Thick thieves 11
Thick thieves 10
Thick thieves 9
Thick thieves 8
Thick thieves 7
Thick thieves 6
Thick thieves 5
Thick thieves 4
Thick thieves 3
Thick thieves 2
Thick thieves 1

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