Have You Been Wondering Why Elani Have Been Quiet for a Year? They Explain (VIDEO)

January 14, 2016

elaniIn 2014, Elani was undeniably the best Kenyan band as it established itself with beautiful music that traversed all walks of life. With hits such as ‘KooKoo’, ‘Jana Usiku’, ‘Milele’ and ‘Zuzu’, we were all blown away and help high hopes for the vibrant trio going forward.
However, in 2015, the band was noticeably and worryingly quiet. The trio consisting of  Muthoni Kunga, Wambui Ngugi and Bryan Chweya have finally broken the silence with a video explaining what has kept them quiet, and it is quite heartbreaking.
The band began year 2015 in millions of debt after the big ‘Share The Love Concert’ they put up in 2014. Luckily for them they got many gigs and cleared out the debt fast.
The heartbreaking issue came up after they realised that the Music Copyright Society of Kenya(MCSK) did not pay up their royalties in full. Apparently, they were paid a measly Ksh 31,000 for the whole of year 2014.
This is not the first time MCSK have come under fire from local singers. Elani have decided to take the bull by the horns with this video and are urging the government, and in particular Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts Hassan Wario, to intervene and save the Kenyan music industry.
Watch it below


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