GUYS YOU’LL BE SHOCKED! The Extent To Which Girls Go to Achieve That ‘Wasp Waist’ – VIDEO

January 22, 2016

Wasp waist 1
We are in an era where every youthful lass right now is craving to have a well displayed ‘bulging bonnet’, a wasp-thin waist and a big, bulky exterior so out of this world. Well, I guess that is the type of body shape that is in fashion, if not the brain-wash of our local socialites. So, it has come my revelation that girls who are not blessed with such appealing body shapes have been doing anything possible to achieve those killer curves.
For instance this video of a Kenyan girl who wraps her stomach with nylon and adds a waist trainer on top has surfaced online to prove the amount of pain that a woman can go to have a body in a certain shape. Truly, when they say strength of a woman they mean one that can withstand such squeezing.
As Beyonce sang, I can now confirm that pretty hurts. Check this video and shake your head in disbelief.

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